One of us

People don’t have to adapt to any community or better said, we are individuals and such we must find our way of happiest being. Suffering people is the more painful experience I ever experienced. I do not want anybody suffering. Suffering must be for better in case of being anything.

We are free.

Everyone is free and freedom is the best way to reach our dreams.

Anxiety, phobias and frightening are the way we are manipulated.

Feeling afraid of something is the only way to manipulate oneself.

So freedom is not an option, is a state.

We are free, and such freedom is based on what we choose which in some way , by choosing and deciding we are enabling freedom but being constrained at the same time.

It is like freedom itself never exists, freedom is an ideal as happiness. But we must tend to happinness and to freedom.

When I choose I feel trapped, I hate choosing but is the only way to advance.

Religion unserstood as a chain is so hard, we cannot hear God, I am sure God doesn’t want us to suffer but to be happy. It is so simple.

We cannot create communities of power and distancing us from the world.

We are human, so we are community, just that, we are human as community if you need a community to feel represented into.

The Planet Earth is our place and our commitment to love and be loved, or not, but love one another not in a sexual way but in a inner way, as children do, with innocence and intensity.

Love as sexual, is overrepresented.

Love as romantic too.

We don’t belong to anyone, we belong to ourselves, I mean freedom is not about belonging is about chosing. When you chose and decide you open doors and close them at the same time.

I would like to feel free but also I like the feeling of belonging. It is a contradictory idea but in the euritmics in the medium in the balance lies perfection.

But I don’t want to be perfect either, I am just human, I fail and learn from my failures. And I try and I fall down and wake again. That is the only way to learn. Experience suffering is the initial point of changing. But I do hope changing for good, towards one’s happiness.

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