Bohemian Rhapsody

A man, acommitment

a world, a necessity

the music plays

and nothing lies

but the feeling of a inner self

with the conscious of a music itself

music, always music

opera, rock and roll or pop

just music for non stop

and I saw the film

and cried all the time

becasue one thing is having a commitment

another being part of that commitment

and end your life

in the sadness and solitude

of a man who denied himself

to assure the rest

go my words for Freddy Mercury

a recent discovery

in this world of no saints

but of good and wise men and women

of no sacrifice

but the ownn life

for the enjoy of others

give me a la, la a radio ga ga

and I will imagine the crawl

of an infinite feeling of love

music is love

as life is

and as I am music and love

moreover I love music and live

I will die till the last rythm

of the music stringing

in the guitar of my needing of breath

the primary needing of oneself

I cannot but admire the commitment

and the life of the rock, pop , music star

who once song I want to break free

though I want to live free

what a nonsense

in a world of tensions and cords

in a world of necessity and lords

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