I fall once I feel

The falling is not new to me

I falled and failed more than once in my live

and the lesson I learned

is no lesson at all

perhaps that is better to try than doing nothing

perhaps that is better to fall than never having tried

but I am not a very intelligent one I supose

that is why sadness says to me the same as happiness


becasue they are not there, sadness and happiness to say something

but to be felt without remedy without redemption

you feel

and you are lost

or must I say

I feel so I am lost

that is why I live without giving me the pleasure of feeling

because then I am afraid of everyhing

And I do not know wheteher it is worst to feel or being afraid

I know why I cannot feel

I am afraid of it

the last time I felt

I ended up with my hands touching ground

and my feet upside down

so perhaps I don’t want to touch ground

but to keep going and flying

like a butterfly

I never sensed the flight

I am afraid of it also

so here I am with my new wings

and have everything to win

and so to lose

alas I lost

I hope to win next flight

But I think I dont want to fly

I am afraid, afraid of it

perhaps step by step is the only way

I can reach my inner self

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