For you

For all of you

tired of a world of nonsense

I can’t offer the sense I do not posses

but at least my feelings could teel you

that we all feel the same in this world insane

from love to hate from happpiness to sadness

there goes my world seeking a heaven

a heaven I can’t find in none but in my depth of the shelf

so I quit

I quit from insanity, from trying everyting to be rare

I don’t feel rare, I feel unique

and this feeling of delicate

is which makes me go on

And I wanto to go on and go

with the learnt lesson

of never let go

but ever let come

come the feelings inside my broken heart

come my thinking into my stupid brain

come my mind

into the despair of a kind

I never imagined

nor wished

but here we are

beloved or not

always beloved I hope

in fact love is the reason why we are here

lost in the paradise of grey skies

is what make me think

I am wrong at all and circle the same idea

not to love but to keep it for me

which is selfish and chaotish

which is a lost and a pity

So I want to share the love I once felt

not only once of course I must confess

and give it in a hug a big one

to you reader of nonsenses from me

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