Afraid of everything

When you feel that inner solitude

when you feel the inner magnitude

of the sadness and its consequences

when you are afraid and have no armour nor defenses

you fall apart in a feeling of tears and excuses

then you , I am lost

for thou I can’t fight without myself

I know I must fight counting on me

but there are so many frightening feelings

of a world deleted in deepest dreams

that I must admit

I cannot cope with frigthenning

my days of tranxillimness fever

are never over, never so is a nightmare

I can’t but sleep and try to dream

but the more I do the less I see

the beautiful images of a kind of peace

but the trouble of the war I fight inside

with myself lost in the eager to cry

but I have no liquid tears to drop

I have my mind to stop

and it never does

so here I am

afraid by any figure, any noise

I can’t sing but the choice

I made to fight was so hard I must rest

rest in this world of quicker rythm

rest in never peace but in a chaotic world of pest

a pest which is spreading like my frightness

and which I can’t avoid but affront with sadness

the happiness is gone and I can’t afford

any more tears nor hurting

never conceived I a world of such a madness

that there is no world just emptiness

I hope you can feel the dream I miss

otherwise everything would be lost in darkness of mist

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