I can feel the vacuity. I can feel it, the vacuity only the good ones left. And I don’t feel the strenght to cry, I am shocked. The man with the laugh, the man who was a dron in the camp, I wish him the best, and to all his family, becasue the good ones go so soon. They left but vacuity, emptiness, and one want to go with them, but the clock goes on, and the only thing I want to is to love everybody even those who hate me, because we live for once, and I just feel more than once, I don’t regret these feelings just trying to cope with them. I wish they go to somewhere else, to heaven, for instance, that would be a good idea, a good place for everybody, becasue we can be bad or mad in Earth but I am sure in heaven we are all the same. As when we were given birth, a star descended from heaven. Some wise people say life should be upside down, we start wake and old, we regenerate and we die in an orgasm, but then suffering would not exist, and this feeling of suffering is killing the emptiness of the moment. I can’t but feel and today I fell the disgrace for all who are gone, not only the big ones, the famous or the artists, but the human as humanity is understood because without life humanity would be just nothing. And no more carpe diem and no more crazy days, just the calm of being alive stops me from going.

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