The more

the more I listen to my heart

the less I understand

always calling

never answering

but I must stop

and listen to my heart

and it tells me stories

of never ending dreams

and I belong not to them

but I evade them and run away

I don’t know what to do

but I assure you

I will listen to my heart

at least

to listen to you

and hear the inner voice

that gave birth

to all my old dreams

I tank you for this advice

and for all the notices

which lie in your lyrics

and I appreciate your music

as a time which never will be back

but I want never to give a buck

for memories I wanted to loose

becasue the pain was so awful

I couldn’t simply go on

I feel ulnerable like china

but I know a stone of hardness

lies in this feeling of emptiness

and I won’t hide away my feelings

I will listen to my heart

and be the woman I wanted always to be

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