The end of the world as we know it

Internet, Google, Ia m reading a fascinating book.

It narrates the inspiration of the innocence of genius

an I love it.

I love the audacity of founders

and the stick to science turned into feelings almost.

But the end of the world as we know it, and as REM used to sing, it is a mixture of traditional and ultimate advance. We still like reading old books, but we chat by whatsapp at the same time. We love to go to cinemas but a Netflix session is demanded. I think we are in the middle of change, so subtle and rapidly growing that we ever don’t realize where the boundaries of old and new era begins, at least me.

It is a pitty to say goodbye to that nostalgic past, so vivid in my mind, but it is also encouraging wave a future of who knows what.

It is the end of the world as we know it, but some values never die. Or this is whay I would like to think. Values such as love, respect or well being.

I love to go by the streets of my small town, watching all people talking to their iPhones, it is so funny, so shocking and so unexplained some years ago. Who would have told us we were going to be literally stucked to phones…

If Graham Bell or Nikola Tesla would opinate about all this. What would they say? Would they look with astonishment this isolation model of individual connected to an apparat? Or would they celebrate the idea? I do not think so, I think they created for a non evil purpose but the evil is so free that takes advantage of the sutility or the ingenuity of the good ones.

We need philosphers, no more technology, no more technocrats but more free thinkers. People to defy the rule of technology, ethics, not mother cells not to create I do  not what but we need a new value system or at least the old one is valid enough but applied with enough consciuosness or the ethics enough to know we are not just doing but not doing evil.

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