Never kiss

I dreamed of a kiss

without realising it is a miss

not just a varified mixture

of love and desventure

but a kind of emptiness

of my everlasting loneliness

thpugh I do not complain

I don’t have any reason why

nor do I have to rely

in a never kiss

it is a frizz

of feelings

but it is also a losing

of innocence

an entry in adulthood

or at least in mature neihgbourhood

as attacked by a Peter Pan feeling

I can only say I never tasted your kiss

I evaded not only this

but I imagined you wanted to kiss

what was of course  a nonsense miss

now I can say you never wanted

nor kiss nor be kissed

then I dispair

becuase I imagined a inexistensed


I feel such a stupid

that I can`t look at me in the mirror

I can’t even walk in silence

I did once an error

noy I am paying my insolence.

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