the end of love

no, don’t dance me

I will dance alone

to the loan

I bargainly established with myself

because it was once “the end of the world

as we know it”

now is the end of love

as we dance towards it

the end of that feeling

of somthing liquid, vivid, living

is the end of love

always for  my dancing

always for my balance

better without love

I wish I was an angel

not to be so good

but to be able to try

to meets two ends meet

it wil be at least funny

interesting and honey

to see two hearts collide

and two souls decide

they cannot take decisions for no more

but can fall in love


don’t give me the power to be a princess

or searching for a wrong prince

but give me the power to be the angel of love

and being my job to search in the grey souls

those who shine more than the rising sun

and make them collide

in a shock of illusion , in a shock of confussion

or better

let me dance alone

if I had to decide

I wil give love to the selfish

just to open their eyes

to the river of elfs

don’t concede me such a job

I will fail as I usually do

trying to find love

where I find more


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